The Gramophone Donates a Keg of Civil Life for the GROUPHUG St. Louis 2012 Party!

Thanks go to the Gramophone for a generous donation to our GROUPHUG St. Louis 2012 party!

Follow the Gramophone—one of St. Louis’s best live music venues, located in the dynamic Manchester Strip—on Twitter HERE and LIKE them on Facebook HERE

What’s Civil Life, you ask? A relative newcomer to the growing field of microbreweries in St. Louis, Civil Life is a Tower Grove South resident (3714 Holt, 63116). Check them out on Facebook HERE.

Again, many thanks to the Gramophone for their donation!

GROUPHUG St. Louis 2012 - Event Details!


WHAT: GROUPHUG ST. LOUIS 2012 (Facebook Event Link)

Get a friend or friends to photograph you HUGGING your favorite person, place, or thing in St. Louis. It can be your next door neighbor, your favorite coffee shop, a park bench, or the Arch. Anything goes, as long as it represents St. Louis’s heart, to you.

WHO: All Lovers of St. Louis

WHEN: Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 7pm

WHERE: Crown Square in Old North St. Louis

The top photos as selected by the organizers (City Affair) will be displayed at the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group Gallery at 2700 N. 14th Street, 63106. YOU can then vote on your favorite!

(Just south of Crown Candy—the 2700 block of North 14th Street [map] will be closed for us!)

WHY: GROUPHUG St. Louis, in its second year, is an annual event that celebrates the people, places, and things that make St. Louis great. As a city and region we seem to be well aware of our deficiencies. By sending people out to hug their favorite St. Louis assets, we get a better sense of what we’ve done right, what we’re doing right as a city—what we love about ourselves. Plus it’s just another excuse to throw a big party and watch as our friends literally hug our fair city’s stock of fountains, bike lanes, and landmarks.

Highlights for GROUPHUG St. Louis 2012

Lulu Local Eatery Food Truck will be there serving up delicious, made-from-scratch food!

> Martin Casas of Frontyard Features will be bringing his neighborhood-sized screen so we can view the photos!

> The famed DJ Alexis will be spinning for us! Dance party!

> City Affair will be supplying some alcohol for the event, but feel free to BYOB! (UPDATE 5/24/12: The Gramophone is donating a keg of Civil Life beer for the event! Thank you SO much, Gramophone!)

> The event is totally FREE.

> $100 cash prize for the top vote-getter! More prizes to be announced!

Submit your photos to GROUPHUGSTL@GMAIL.COM by Friday, May 25th at 5pm to be considered for prizes!

Below is a sample shot of a submission we received from KDHX!


A Note from Tara D. of St Lou Fringe!

This summer, we will be unveiling the first ever St Lou Fringe Festival from June 21-25 in Grand Center and the Locust Business District.  Now I know you’re asking yourself, “What the … fringe is a fringe festival?”  Well, I am glad you asked!

A fringe festival is essentially a performing arts festival.  We have thirty artists, twenty local and ten national, slated to perform along with street-level performances.  Our festival is unjuried and uncensored. If an artist wants to be a part of the festival, it’s our job to facilitate that.  No resumes, no script reviews, no knowing the executive director’s brother’s best friend’s cousin to get in.   This means we have performers who just started during their thing to companies that have been around for a hundred years.   It also means you’re not just getting one type of performing arts.  We have theater, dance, music, performance art, comedy, vaudeville, and everything more and in between.  In doing this, we hope to provide our lovely artists a professional setting to showcase their work.  At St Lou Fringe, we’re all about connecting brave artists with bold audiences.

When we heard about Grouphug, we knew it was right up our alley.  Part of what we’re doing is promoting the community we’re in and we L-O-V-E our community!  We’ve had so much support from not just the Locust Business District and Grand Center Inc, but from other people, local businesses, and organizations, like Grouhug!.   Without them, none of this would be possible.

So when someone starts complaining that nothing cool or exciting happens in St. Louis, mention us.  Let them know the only way to keep cool things going on in our little-big town is to tell everyone you know about them and support them with your time, your donations, your patronage, and your love.

Come out to our festival from June 21-25 and fringe the world with us!


—Tara D. a.k.a. Lady Lou Cooper (mascot of St Lou Fringe)

FB: St Lou Fringe

Twitter:  StLouFringe

Editor’s Note: See a Fringe preview at the GROUPHUG St. Louis 2012 event on Saturday, May 26th at 7pm!

One Week Left to Submit your GROUPHUG St. Louis 2012 Photos!

The deadline is in ONE WEEK: Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 at 5pm. We have some amazing submissions rolling in already, but we want to see the pace pick up!

Send your best photos (note the PLURAL—more than one is appreciated!) to GROUPHUGSTL@GMAIL.COM OR post your pictures on our Facebook Wall (LINKby Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 5pm!

Thank you, St. Louis. We’re feeling the love!